Training Videos

This page has free videos to help anybody in their training.

By using the videos on this page, you agree to be accountable for your own safety and wellbeing. This means you are going to;
1. make sure you are training in a hazard free space
2. listen to your body and stop if what you’re doing gives you pain or acute discomfort
3. use your common-sense as a basis for everything on this page
4. if you don’t have common-sense or have problems with knowing what’s appropriate for yourself, don’t use this page

Running Stretches

After the run Stretches: These are good for after the run. Start light and slow, then work them a bit deeper as you loosen up, being mindful of not causing yourself injury by moving suddenly into the stretches. Listen to your knees while you’re doing the Isle of Man stretch, don’t push past what feels comfortable.
Remember if it hurts, stop! Do a different stretch.

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