Classic Pilates

What it is

Pilates is a system of exercise devised by Joseph Pilates in the early part of the 20th Century. This system was designed to stretch, strengthen and balance the whole body, with particular attention given to the core.

Behind every movement are Joe’s main principles

  • concentration
  • core activation
  • control
  • breathing
  • flow
  • alignment

Health benefits

The aim is to strengthen and improve co-ordination and balance for the whole body. It has been proven to have some positive effects on non specific lower back pain, posture, joint alignment and stability.


This mode of exercise can be adapted for all ages, abilities and fitness levels. From elite athletes to complete beginners. If you participate in sports already then Pilates can add more flexibility, strength and balance to your game.

Online appointments by Smoothbook
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Live Internet Classes timetable is below

MonOnline Pilates – 6pm
TuesMens online Pilates – 6pm
WedPilates – 6pm
Pilates – 8pm
Bradpole Village Hall
ThursPilates – 9am
Opal, Bridport
Pilates – 4.15pm
FriPilates – 10am
Bradpole Village Hall
New Body Fitness x2
Pilates – 6pm and 6.45pm
SatPilates – 9am
Broadwindsor Village Hall

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I received my qualification from YMCA Awards, insured under Insure4Sport and a member of Cimspa