Training Hall

Welcome to the Wudang 5 Elements Qigong training page. This page is primarily for current students that are training with me. As your skills progress, these pages will increase to encompass the Traditional Chinese Medicine theory behind the Qigong. This will include the Meridians, Chi, Dantiens, living with the seasons and Nei Gong (Internal Work).

If you find yourself suddenly not able to access these pages when you have before… that is down to the fact that you’ve not been to any of my lessons recently and I’ve changed the password.

It isn’t ideal to just learn Qigong from video, there is much more going on than just the physical form. Get in contact with me and we’ll sort something out.

Don’t forget that I am holding sessions over the internet on Zoom.

The Intro

Breathe, Taking in the Mountains and Rivers is the name of these movements. 
This is the opening part of the form, so it is not attached to any element. It is there purely to get your body mind and breathing engaged simultaneously. Also to get you circulating Chi through your head, heart and belly Dantiens using the microcosmic breathing we’ve been practicing.
I’ve tried to steer clear of the David Attenborough style of voice over…
So the things to remember are
– Breath naturally and as deeply as you can comfortably
– let the breath power the movement
– when you reach up, stretch
– keep your belly soft and shoulders/lower back relaxed
visualize the Chi circulating up your spine with the inhale and down the front of your body (to your perineum) with the exhale.

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