Individual Training

If you’ve come to this page, then you’ve had a chat and a meeting with me to gauge your fitness, any health conditions and what your expectations are.

So really, this is a gateway page. Where you set up your subscription and access you training.

The idea is that you subscribe monthly though automatic payment, then have unlimited access to your page and my input. You and I will change the exercises as often as you need, by regular discussion and feedback. As you get stronger and more flexible so will the set of exercises get more challenging.

If you feel you need more input we can schedule live face to face sessions using Zoom Cloud Meeting, which has excellent quality. These sessions would cost £20 p/h and would not be covered by this payment system here.

You can cancel at anytime, the instructions are part of the link below. No refunds are given unless there is an unfixable issue and is at my discretion.

After you have subscribed please message me below and I will email you back with the current active password. The password will only expire if the subscription does.

Any issues please contact me below.