Pilates Training Videos

Welcome. The content on this page is to build on the moves we do in class. If you don’t train with me, you are still welcome to use the videos but it is AT YOUR OWN RISK…

Please be aware that you are your own Personal Trainer when using these videos…..

Be mindful of:

  • Contracting your core to power the lifting of your shoulders not your neck
  • If it hurts STOP and start again, if it is still a problem don’t do any more contact me
  • Concentrate on taking your time and using the correct breathing
  • Be mindful….. that means think about what you are doing and how you’re doing it
  • Keep it to 8 – 10 repetitions per exercise, remember you won’t hurt today but you will tomorrow.

The following exercises are purposely simple and are purely to serve as an introduction to Pilates and to reinforce what we do in class.

The 100

The Key here is to contract your abs to create the shoulder lift and make sure you look at your knees, don’t lift from your neck or it will hurt!

Prone Back Extension

Take your time and control the movement up and down. Listen to your lower back while you are in the arching position.
Repeat 6 – 8 times.

The Pelvic Curl

Take your time and drive up with your glutes (bum). Use your breathing to control your movement.
Repeat 6 -8 times.

The Spine Twist

Again take your time, use the breathing to control the movement. If you start with light movements then progress to deeper turns after 4 repetitions on both sides.
Repeat 8 -10 times.