Pilates Training Videos

Welcome. The content on this page is to build on the moves we do in class. If you don’t train with me, you are still welcome to use the videos but it is AT YOUR OWN RISK…

Please be aware that you are your own Personal Trainer when using these videos…..

Be mindful of:

  • Contracting your core to power the lifting of your shoulders not your neck
  • If it hurts STOP and start again, if it is still a problem move the video onto the next exercise
  • Concentrate on taking your time and using the correct breathing
  • Be mindful….. that means think about what you are doing and how you’re doing it

If you’re new to Pilates please watch the intro video first. It will teach you how to engage your core and a couple of other important principles first.

Intro to Pilates
Stretchy Pilates Class 1hr
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