Full Classes

Hi. So you’ve come to this page to watch and participate in a recorded Pilates class.

The idea is that you subscribe to the videos monthly, this is because it take a lot of effort to put them on here. You can cancel your subscription anytime, but the money is non refundable unless there is a unfixable problem. Please contact me direct for more info or if you are experiencing any problems. Please email: breathfulmind@gmail.com

Now this part of my business is in its’s infancy, so please bear with me. The plan is to put several different workouts on here and you can mix and match which Warm Up, Cool Down and main set of exercises you want to participate in. There will also be some remedial workouts and stretches for things like poor back mobility, sciatica etc.

Now because you will have the ability to watch the workouts as often as you want over the week, the cost is a little more than my live online classes. But still good value for money. It works out at just over £5 a week.

How to Pay

Just click on the link below with your card handy and Stripe, a secure payment widget will pop up. This will take you through the procedure to set up a recurring charge to your bank. It also tells you how to cancel the subscription.

Email me to let me know you’ve done it then I will confirm and send out the password for the pages. Please keep the password to yourself as this is my livelyhood. The password changes every so often, I will notify you of any changes.